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Keeping tropical freshwater or marine fishes is a wonderful hobby, and one that is very easy to take-up just as long as you have the right equipment and know-how.  Since childhood I keep tropical fish in my 40 gallon tank.  I always get impressed wherever I see an aquarium around, and then when I return back home I always try to re-decorate something new from the ideas seen in other tank, before, to give it a new look and most of all comfortable for the fishes.

A Tank of Neon Tetras with Discus.  Neons should be kept in a shoal - but don't expect them to face all the same way.

An Angel Fish tank, with different types of Angels.

Fish Pictures


You have decided to become a fishkeeper, or you are at least thinking about it, here are related links which could help you build up a new aquarium according to your preferences.


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Another different type of hobby is Bargello.  What is Bargello?  Bargello is a type of florentine embroidery, stiched on canvas material.  The size of the stitch is easy to see and the tapestry wools create a beautiful blending of texture and color.  Great different patterns can be created and stiched with wool or satin material.  I have made five cushions similar to these in the picture, click below - on "My Canvas Work" and you can enjoy my cushions.

All Bargello stiches are laid lenghtwise following the weave of the single-mesh canvas, using flat vertical stitches (not diagonally as in customary with needlepoint).  Many simple patterns are worked by continuously stitching over four threads of canvas.  These evenly spaced stitches are delightful to work and they create a beautiful, smooth tapestry fabric.  At first this appears to be difficult but one soon discovers that the thread count is repeated in one row above another.

Bargello Work          My Canvas Work

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