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To play these games you must have Flash enabled on your computer.  To download the latest version of Flash 5, click here.

Please note : When clicking some games, a download option appears.  If you would not like to save the program on computer, just click on: - Run from current location to dowload it as a temporary folder.  After that, the program alerts that no authenticode signature is found. No worries - you can proceed easily, press yes as there is no need of the signature. I assure you there are no viruses in these programs, Thank You.

Whip The Worker
  Magic Number
   Mad Cows
     Andy's life     The Monkey
     Office     Melting
      Coffee    Blender

   Brick     Mahjongg Solitaire
   Basketball     Free Fun Games
  Masters of War     Cards, Hearts

   Game Sites             Yahoo Games
     Flipside               Gamesville
     Gamers             Games Domain

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