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Welcome to my Corner on the Web, my Cyber Friend !!.  Take a look around, and hope you find something here you like .

Just sit back and don't hesitate to look around.  I have fun stuff here for you.  Just browse through my directory and you will for sure know me better, my Guardian Angel will guide you all along the way.  You will make me happy if you leave your signature on my guestbook as a remembrance, just to let me know you stopped by.

This memorial of an unborn baby has an important significance for me.  I've put it on the front page so it may help realize the cruelty of abortion.  Innocent lives have been killed.  Keep this message going by adopting an Angel yourself from Diann's and place it in your Web page to make it aware how terrible this thing is.

Life ~ What a
Beautiful Choice!


Adopted: December 13,1999

Adopt An Unborn Angel
Stop Abortion ~ Not A Beating Heart!

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The music playing is Livin' la vita loca by Ricky Martin.

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A True Friend
A part of you has grown unto me,
together forever we shall be,
never apart, maybe in distance,
but not in my heart.

Author -- Unknown

F o r e v e r     F r i e n d s

Forever Friends Webring

I'm Sylvia.

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Site Created On: 25th September, 1999
Last Updated On: 25th April, 2001

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