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Without Your Love

When the heaven shines on you
In the middle of the day,
And the stars come out at night,
Taking all your cares away,
And the moonbeams seem to love you,
Shining so all can see,
I stand here in the shadows,
Because you said we weren't meant to be,
We can never be anything more,
You said to me that night,
And I started to cry gently,
For nothing was ever right,
But the words were spoken softly,
So no one else could hear,
And the words hurt me viciously,
The ones that assault my ear,
The lost love surrounds me in such a way,
That I can't leave but I can't stay,
So I'll just lay here,
And hurt because of what you took away.

By: Perla Mateo and Amy McMahon
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