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To Share With You

I've always wished that I could write
Whatever filled my mind.
To share with you the thoughts I have
And describe the things I find.
Like how the water makes me feel,
As it slaps against the rock,
Or what I think the gulls would say,
If they had a way to talk.
I'd like for you to feel with me,
The breeze that blows my hair,
And the sun that makes me feel so warm
Is something I could share.
I would make you hear the crickets
As they chirp throughout the night,
And the swooshing of a heron's wings
As it takes off into flight
I'd describe to you the northern lights,
As they dance before my eyes,
So you too could see the magic
Of our amazing northern skies
So if a wish was granted me
I know just what I'd like,
Is the one thing that intrigues me,
The ability to write.

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